I highly recommend St Mary's Eye Center in Gangnam.
Kalie Lindroos 2012.12.07


I had been thinking about getting lasek eye surgery for a while, the only thing putting me off was the cost involved.  After doing a bit of research, I discovered that getting it done here in South Korea is a lot more affordable than in my home country of New Zealand.  I decided that with the lower cost and the reputation of the surgeons in the industry being very high in this country, I might as well take the plunge.

From the very first visit to be tested and check if I were a suitable candidate for the surgery, I felt welcomed and as if my care were important to the staff.  There has always been someone on hand to translate everything into English and the staff in general are beyond kind.
The surgery itself was painless, I had blurry vision for a few days but now a month and a half after my surgery I have 24/20 vision.

I highly recommend St Mary's Eye Center in Gangnam.  The location is easy to find, the staff incredibly helpful and concerned about your well being, and if the results of my surgery are anything to go by, the surgeons are skilled in what they do.