thank you for everything!
kimberly 2012.12.07

hello~ my name is kimberly.

i always had a desire to free contact lenses. contact lenses always irritated my eyes and also very expensive to buy disposable contact every month. before coming to korea to do my internship in seoul university hospital, one of my korea to do my internship in seoul university hospital, one of korean neighbors back in arizona recommended me gang nam st. mary's eye clinic for the refractive surgery. he also had the lasik surgery done in this clinic and was very satisfied with the results and the professional service that the clinic had provided.

i went in to have an consult with dr. lee, and had 'wave front lasek surgery' done in august 2009. he las very informative of each step of the procedure and recovery process that i might go through.

the surgery was complete in less than 20minutes with surprising result that i was able to see immediately with out my glasses after the surgery.
the whole recovery process i had to go through was pretty smooth and easier than i though.

three months have passed since the surgery, i still have not needed my contacts and live in the best vision i have ever had in my life. and i don't need to hassle around to look for my glasses every morning anymore.

i have never regretted choosing gang nam st. mary eye clinic, it has been the best possible experience in terms of professional service or dealing with my eyesights. i'm going back to the usa in a few weeks, i would definately recommend this clinic to anyone with great confidence.

thank you for everything! ^-^