Successful LASEK Story
Leo Fuchigami 2012.12.07


I distinctly remember when I first realized I needed glasses. It was in my grade 8 math class. I had to sit in the front of the class and yet still struggled to read the print on the screen and often resorted to copying off my neighbour. Since then I have been using a combination of glasses and contacts on a daily basis. I cannot express the feeling of having this daily ritual stripped out of my life. I no longer need to worry about cleaning my glasses when they get oily, I don't need to put on my contacts in the morning when I'm drowsy. I don't need to worry about my eyes while going out at night. These were all simple tasks that I could not avoid no matter what the occasion. Whether staying at home, going out to party or traveling around the world, I could not avoid my glasses and contacts. Now, I my vision is at 24/20 (~4 months post-op) and I am no longer a slave to my optical supplements.

I musta admit, I was very paranoid about the recovery for the first few weeks. Were my eyes going to heal properly? Was I going to be that exception you read about on the internet forums? I missed applying the medication in time, did I just mess everything up? Why are my eyes slower than usual? Are bright lights supposed to be this sparkly at night? etc. etc. In all cases, my paranoia only led to more stress. The doctors and staff were very reassuring and supportive through the entire process. Having monthly check-ups was a great plus (considering some places don't offer this service). All of my worries disappeared one-by-one as the symptoms disappeared and my eyes began to exceed their abilities pre-surgery with glasses!

If you're on the fence about getting LASEK/LASIK, just drop by for the free consultation. If you're in Korea, you should give it some serious consideration. The clinics here handle a far higher load of patients (therefore tend to have more first hand experience) than many of their Western counterparts. It's also 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of doing it back home!