Megan and Ryan's experience at Gangnam St. Mary's Eye Center
Ryan 2012.12.07
Megan and I thought for a long time before deciding to have corrective vision eye surgery.
We researched, and compared price, quality of care, and had several consultations
with different eye centers, and doctors.
We decided to have our surgery at Gangnam St. Mary's Eye Center in Seoul.
The doctor we choose was Doctor Kim.  He was very professional and his English was very good.
He and his staff were always very nice and helpful through the pre-op, the day of surgery, and post-op visits.  We both have 20/15 vision right now, and couldn't be happier.
We will always be grateful to Gangnam St. Mary's Eye Center, Doctor Kim, and his Wonderful staff. 
Thank You,
Ryan P. Cook and Megan Bartholomew