Big thanks for all the lovely staff at Gangnam St. Eye Clinic!
Gloria Lee Berghout 2012.12.07

I started wearing glasses at the age of 13 and when I turned 15, I started using contact lenses as well. I didn’t like having to look for my glasses the first thing in the morning, and was sick and tired of not being able to see in the shower. One time, I washed my hair with a dog shampoo, and that was an embarrassing moment for me. When circle lenses were introduced, I started wearing them every single day. The only times I wore glasses were when I was at home. When I turned 25, my eyes couldn’t handle wearing circle lenses anymore. I switched to clear daily ones for more comfort, but that didn’t last very long either. I eventually started wearing glasses 24/7, but I didn’t like the way I looked with glasses on. I had no choice at that point but to embrace my look with glasses. My friends started commenting how I don’t look so “fashionable” anymore with glasses. I wanted to look good again

I’ve heard of laser eye surgeries from my relatives and friends in the past but I had no guts to get it done myself. A friend of mine introduced me to Gangnam St. Mary’s Eye Clinic, I went in for an eye exam right away. People at the clinic were very kind and answered all of my questions friendly. They explained the procedure of the surgery in detail and I learned the difference between Lasik and Lasek. The consultation with the doctor went very well, he made me feel comfortable.

When I went in for the surgery, I was very nervous. I asked if my fiancé could go in the surgery room with me, and they were very open to that idea. I held my fiance’s hand the whole time during the surgery and the surgery was done in no time. Because I was told about the surgery in detail, I knew exactly what was happening and what the doctor was doing.

I went in for following check-ups since then, and now I have 20/20 vision. I can see clearly when I wake up in the morning, and I don’t ever have to worry about washing my hair with a dog shampoo! I’m very excited and happy about the result and big thanks for all the lovely staff at Gangnam St. Eye Clinic!